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Feel better from the inside out


We help you to become more energized using gentle, effective acupuncture, cupping, guasha and tuina massage

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Dani Cullimore

Registered Acupuncturist is in high standing with Ontario's CTCMPAO regulatory body

Many private health insurance plans cover acupuncture

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We're here to help you optimize your health - to feel better, stronger and more energized. Receiving acupuncture can contribute to greater mental calmness; and emotional and physical ease. It is also used to assist healthy aging and as a preventative self-care strategy. 

You want to have better sleep, or feel more chill and calm, or to heal from pain. Maybe you want to have brighter skin and eyes. Or feel stronger. Or find your focus. You want to be more active, play with the little ones in your life, travel, maybe do sports, go on hikes. Or perhaps be focussed on your quiet hobbies and not so 'in your head'.

We tend to work with people who already have a sense that something isn't quite working for them and are ready to make a few little changes in addition to their treatment.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Acupuncture 
help with both physical and emotional challenges. They are whole systems that sees you as a whole system and helps to solve problems rather than to just mask symptoms. Together, we come up with a plan so that you can reach your feel-good goals.  

Your sessions may include: acupuncture, cupping, tuina massage, acupressure, tcm food therapy, or other modes of treatment that best suit your needs and comfort. 

Questions? Call or text us - we're happy to discuss and see if we're a fit.


Bright Sky Acupuncture
E5-490 York Road

Building E
N1E 6V1 

York Road & Victoria Rd

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Acupuncture is our specialty. Our clinic has grown largely based on referrals from you - thank you Guelph!


Most clients find acupuncture treatments to be relaxing and enjoyable. At your first session, we will discuss your health goals and medical history and you will have your first treatment.


We ask that you come to your session neither hungry nor full; and wear loose clothing for comfort. When acupuncture needles are tapped in, there may not be any sensation, or you may feel a dull or slight tingle. After your session, you may feel relaxed or even a bit sleepy. Some people find sessions to be very energizing. If you have questions about acupuncture or our services please contact us.

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