COVID Clinic Protocols


With enhanced COVID-19 protocols in place, we are now accepting new clients. Book a consultation/treatment online or by phone: 416 779 7479

Enhanced COVID-safety protocols include: 

  • HEPA/UV air filtration: circulate and filter air + rooms aired out (windows open) between sessions

  • masks are mandatory for practitioner and clients

  • hospital-grade disinfection of items/surfaces between all sessions (non-toxic products)

  • mandatory COVID pre-screening and no-fee late cancellation 

  • as always, freshly laundered linens  

  • disinfection of washroom before use

  • practitioner daily self-screening/temperature monitoring

  • we use single-use sterile, disposable needles and practice clean-needle technique (as always)

  • we ask that you reschedule/ if you are feeling any symptoms that are undiagnosed or unusual for you that may be a sign of Covid-19; or if you have been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID19 

  • If you have any questions or concerns, ask us. We're happy to help