Areas of clinical focus aka What I treat

Supporting you and your period.

Mood. Energy levels. 

Menstrual issues: heavy, light or no bleeding, painful menstruation, delayed menstruation, and more. 

Becoming a parent.

1) Before you become pregnant: natural fertility support and enhancement through acupuncture, Tcm dietary and lifestyle shifts. 

2) While you are pregnant aka pre-natal care - pain, nausea, digestive challenges, low energy, emotions, hemmoroids, difficulty sleeping. 

3) Post-natal care aka 'the first 40 days'. So important for your future you to be well treated, resting, and nourished at this replenishing time. Let's plan for this before you have your baby!

4) Labour preparation - preparing you physically and mentally for a smooth labour, with acupuncture. Ideally you are coming in from 32 weeks onward. 

5) Breech presentation correction - primarily using moxibustion (mugwort)- no manual therapy used. We will administer the treatment and then teach you how to continue at home.  

6) Labour induction - you have a medical induction scheduled and you have been given the recommendation by your midwives or ob-gyn to try acupuncture first. Treatment can help to prepare your body to begin labour - if and only if it's ready to begin labour. 



Back pain

Aches and pains

Low energy, tiredness, moodiness, low motivation. 

-stress reduction

-digestive concerns

--facial rejuvenation/anti-aging techniques

*Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive medicine and is used to treat many things. Please feel free to inquire if your need is not stated on this list.