What are ear seeds and how can they help?

Ear Seeds are tiny pellets attached to stickers or crystals that are placed on the outer ear that you press with your fingers to stimulate points connected to areas of your body.


Some uses: allergy, immunity, fertility, wedding support, constipation, back pain, headaches, anxiety, quit smoking, menopause, weight loss, memory/focus, post-natal, post-trauma, energy, pms, heartburn, libido, addictions.  See below for kits.


These pellets stimulate nerve endings that communicate with your brain to promote healing and homeostasis. We use them in our clinic on the same points we choose for clients when doing auricular (ear) acupuncture. They stay on your ear for a few days and you can stimulate them when you are home and going about your day.  

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Some kits and links:

Headache relief

Allergy buster kit

Inflammation and immunity

Stress and anxiety kit

PMS kit

Fertility support

Digestive support

Weight loss

Acne and Skin Care


Link for all of kits that support different goals or conditions

Note that seeds are available as swarovski crystalsmetal seeds, seeds with clear backings, and classic seeds. The difference between them is appearance. You can get any kind that appeals to you!

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